Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I like it because it’s Christmas without the gifts. But you go nowhere in Palm Beach without a gift. We were invited by dear friends for their family Thanksgiving. My wife baked a wonderful cake and I brought a decent bottle of wine. I usually carry a trinket gift everywhere but the bathroom, and maybe that would be a good idea too. You never know whom you'll meet. My wife came home a couple days ago with a bag full of wrapped gifts. I asked her what they were for. She said it was to be ready for the season.

Some of these gifts are pretty amazing. Wine is a big favorite. Last season I noticed a special bottle of wine in my modest cellar. Someone had left it at one of our dinner parties. Something told me that it might be quite valuable. I checked it out on Google and it’s worth about $500. Now what do I do? I don’t remember who gave it to me and I probably didn’t even thank them in a note afterwards. I could drink it but it seems a pity to waste it on me. I could give it as a gift to somebody special but what if that’s the person who gave it to me. So it just sits on my shelf getting more and more valuable by the minute.

There’s a woman I know down here who got a birthday gift from a cheap friend of hers. She knew it was something like an electric can opener or doilies and she didn’t bother opening it. She was invited to another birthday party of someone she barely knew and couldn’t stand. And leaving the house she picked up the gift, put a new card on it, and headed out to the party. When the hostess opened up her birthday gifts, she was ecstatic at the incredible generosity of her new friend. It was a silver chalice worth well over a thousand dollars.

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