Saturday, February 12, 2011


As I begin to research my book about Caperton vs. Massey, one of the strangest things is the attitude of so many people about coal.  They sit there in front of their computers running on coal-generated electricity in rooms lit up by coal-generated electrcity, looking out on almost everything before them that has in some measure benefited from coal energy.  And yet they have this idea that coal is dirty and the coal business in dirty and anybody who gets near to it is soiled.  One of the few journailsts to see it in a different way is James Fallows who wrote a terrific piece in the Atlantic about coal, a realistic essay about the role that coal will inevitably have in the forseeable future. 

I think about the  only acceptable prejudice left in American life is toward southern accents expecially if they're from West Virginia or Kentucky.  Anybody who sounds like that just has to be stupid.  And if you've got a New York accent, you've got to be smart.

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